Take ChatGPT to the Next Level with PowerChat AI
for Android smartphone and tablets, and Wear OS watches

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An AI assistant powered by ChatGPT



Ask ChatGPT anything. Use it as a tool for writing, research, idea generation, entertainment, and more. Access is available to GPT-4 for increased capability and accuracy.


Voice Input and Output

Use your voice to provide commands, then listen to the AI speak the responses. Use the home screen widget or the Wear OS tile to provide a voice command with a single tap.


Hands-Free Mode

Use the available hands-free mode on your phone or tablet to talk to the AI without touching your device. Just say "Hey PowerChat", then say your command and listen to the AI respond.


Text Tools

Rewrite, translate, fix grammar, and summarize documents and blocks of text. You can change the writing style, age level, and provide a word limit. Support is included for PDF and Office files, as well as text scanned from a photo.


Create and Edit Images

Create and edit images by providing a simple description of what you want.


Analyze Photos

Identify people, places, animals and objects in your photos.


Create Video Clips

Create short video clips by providing a description of what you want.


Music and Audio

Create instrumental music and sound effects by providing a simple description and/or an audio file to mimic.



Start with our generous free plan, then upgrade as needed. A variety of one-time purchases and subscriptions are available to meet any budget.

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