A powerful suite of AI tools featuring ChatGPT-4, Claude 3, and more
for Android smartphone and tablets, and Wear OS watches

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AI Chat, Text Tools, Images, Videos, Music, and Sound Effects - All in One App!


Advanced AI Chat with Images

Choose from a variety of AI chat models, including ChatGPT, Claude 3, Gemini Pro, and Llama 3. Pick the one that best meets your needs, and use it as a tool for writing, research, idea generation, entertainment, and more. Some models can also analyze images or use them for inspiration.


Instant Answers from the Web

Use the special web search model to get access to current information beyond the knowledge cutoff of other AI models. Use this to search the internet and get a concise answer to your question without having to sort through numerous web pages or irrelevant text.


Hands-Free Mode

Use the available hands-free mode on your phone or tablet to talk to the AI without touching your device. Just say "Hey PowerChat", then say your command and listen to the AI's response. You can choose from numerous voices for the AI to use.


Text Tools

Rewrite, translate, fix grammar, and summarize large documents and blocks of text. You can change the writing style, age level, and provide a word limit. You can also ask the AI to search the text and locate the information you need. Support is included for PDF and Office files, as well as text scanned from a photo.


Create and Edit Images

Create and edit images by providing a simple description of what you want. The app supports DALL-E 3 (the latest model from OpenAI) as well as Stable Diffusion XL from Stability.ai.


Analyze Photos

Identify people, places, animals, and objects in your photos. You can also use pictures as inspiration for writing produced by the AI.


Create Video Clips

Create short video clips by providing a description of what you want.


Music and Audio

Simply describe the music or sound effect you would like and the AI will generate it for you. For music, you can also provide a sample audio file for it to mimic.


Personalize the AI

The AI can be customized in a wide variety of ways. You can adjust the voice, reading speed, and randomness of its responses. The app also gives you control over the AI's system prompt, allowing you to change its attitude, length of responses, and areas of focus.


Quick Access

Use the widget on your phone or tablet or the tile on your watch to launch the app and have it immediately listen for a voice command.



Start with our generous free plan, then upgrade as needed. A variety of one-time purchases and subscriptions are available to meet any budget.

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